Below is a brief description of each classroom:

Teddy Bears - Infants

We accept 12 infants with two caregivers. We keep very low ratios
in our infant room so that the teachers can provide lots of
individual attention.

Busy Bees

We accept 12 young toddlers (ages 16 months to 26 months)
which is below state requirements to provide lots of
individual attention to our VERY BUSY bees!
The Busy Bees have fun during their day with art activities,
water play, dramatic play, blocks and other learning stations
for them to explore. They also have two snacks,a warm lunch and a
restful nap-time. Reading books is a big part of their day as well


We accept 13 toddlers (ages 26-36 months) to explore new things!
The Explorer room is our "potty training" room. The Explorers have lots of
educational activities, and social and self-help skills are a
big part of the curriculum in this room


We accept 16 young three year olds to engage in our well planned out
pre-school program. The Crickets enjoy cooking activities, art, blocks,
fine motor and gross motor opportunities as well as
dramatic play and language skills.

Super Stars

We accept 21 young four year olds. The Super Stars have a lot of fun.
The children are learning through out the day with different stations
and activities set up for them to discover new things. The Super Stars curriculum is rich in Math, Science, Literacy, Social Studies, Art
and fine gross motor skills.


We accept 24 children into our pre-k program better known as the Dinosaurs. All of the children in the Dinosaur class are
kindergarten eligible the following year
The Dinosaur class is designed to help prepare the children
for kindergarten both academically and socially. At the end
of the school year we have a celebration to congratulate
the Dinosaur class for completing their year of "kindergarten readiness."


We accept 36 kindergarteners into our kindergarten program.
We transport from Primary Village North, Oakview, Indian Riffle,
Orchard Park, John F. Kennedy, J.E. Prass, St. Alberts and St. Charles.
The kindergarteners are separated from the
rest of the school-agers because of their unique developmental stage.
The kindergarten program is a mix of planned activities
and relaxed activities to complement the child's day
at kindergarten. The children especially love playing at Irelan Park
located adjacent to the day care.


We accept 36 children in our school-age program. We transport from
Centerville Primary Village North and Kettering's Oakview. Orchard Park,
J.E. Prass, John F. Kennedy, St. Alberts and St. Charles.
The children have an opportunity to work on homework,
mingle with their friends and participate in activities planned out
by the School-Age teacher.

Busy Bees
Super Stars
School Age