In 1987 Ben, Benita and Brenda looked out over the vacant land that is now Wenzler Preschool & Learning Center and visualized not only a place for their own family to build a dream but also a home away from home for the children of working parents.




The ground was broken in 1989 and the center opened later that year with 24 students under the direction of Claire Walter. Claire was a life-long family friend and daycare administrator since 1969. Her unique philosophy about children set Wenzler a notch above the rest. She believed that children should be children, while teaching them the social skills crucial to advance in today's world.

Mr. Wenzler never settled for anything less than perfection and since his passing on August 19, 2003, his daughters Brenda and Benita have dedicated themselves to carrying on that tradition.

Wenzler Preschool and Learning Center was Mr. Wenzler's world and we hope you and your family become a part of it.

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Both of my children go here and my son has developed his social skills so much more when he is there. Great staff, absolutely love everything they do for both of my kids!
— Kenny Dunaway, Father

Our facilities

We are located at 4535 Presidential Way in Kettering, Ohio. Our 8200 square foot building has eight individual classroom areas. Each classroom is specifically designed for the development of your child. We also have a fenced-in back play area that is secure and safe.

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We are adjacent to Irelan Park; the perfect complement to our fully enclosed play area. With a covered pavilion, playground equipment and large open areas, Irelan Park is perfect for large group games and fun outside activities.